why we started this

While studying Master's in sports medicine, Ryan figured her grandmother, Mrs.Choi, had suffered from "Sarcopenia" many years ago. Even after she fell twice, none of her family were aware of THE disease. Mrs.Choi had been very earnest and hardworking for her entire life and it was only that she did not spend time to take care of herself. 

Ryan began researching about Sarcopenia and trying to find a way that people easily anticipate the risk in advance of the disease and manage their muscle so that they get free from Sarcopenia and a danger of fall.

Now, we proudly present our Sarcopenia detector, Granny Fit!

the team

Ryan Chorong Kim
Founder, CEO

Founder of

- Korean Society of Accessible   Sports Medicine

- Ambition Pink Co.,Ltd

- Moana Hoku Co.,Ltd

Co-founder of DIVEHERE.CO

Founding member of Brewduck

(incubated by Samsung OCEAN in 2014)

Intern @  Administration for Children's Services, NYC gov. 

* Cha Univ. Graduate School of Sports Medicine, MS student @Athletic Training 

* Gachon Univ. BA in Business Administration

* City Univ. of New York, AA in Business Administration

(Borough of Manhattan)

Young Hyun Yoo

Junior S/W Engineer

Macalester College. BS in Computer Science

Intern @ Flywheel

Beom Gyu Han
Senior H/W Engineer

Induk Univ. BS in Computer Engineering

Founder of Behaus

- developed coding edu. platform for kids

H/W director at Gomi Labs

- developed IoT devices for pets

Su Hyun Kim
Movement Expert

Cha Univ. MS in Sports Medicine

Useok Univ. BS in Sports Medicine



SeongNam Industry Promotion Agency


Gyenonggi Business and Science Accelerator


Gyeonggi TechnoPark

Cha University

School of Sports Medicine

snu aict

Seoul National University

Advanced Institute of Convergence Technology


Seoul National University

Bundang Hospital

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