Let "granny.fit" deal with your muscles

so that you can keep living your wildest dreams.

We measure and track your grip strength and gait speed to detect your possibilities of Sarcopenia. 

Do you think you are still okay not to track them? 

Just remember, prehab is always more efficient and cheaper than rehab and some of consequences from falls can never be undone.

Recognize your level of body functionality.

Tight muscles don't just discomfort you and limit your body movements but also they can lead you to be disabled or frail.  

Seniors did not end up with walkers overnight. Watch your functionality. Evaluate your flexibility and mobility with Granny Fit device.

Working Algorithms


Granny Fit smart device measures your grip strength and gait speed to determine if you are at risk of Sarcopenia. Even if you are not at the moment, we keep an eye on the figures for risk assessment.


According to the result of measurement, you are prescribed home exercise program just for you on your app. We might ask you a few questions to personalize the workout routine.


We track the improvement of your strength, gait speed other functionalities and  workouts or vice versa.


Summarized reports of tracked data are regularly sent to your family or designated medical staffs to watch your possibilities of Sarcopenia, falls, and other disease such as CVD or dementia.

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